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Certified and Trained Ceramic Coating Installers at Bhushan Cars, Chennai
Here in Chennai, the sun shines bright and we at Bhushan Cars want your vehicle to stay consistently protected against UV rays, precipitation, environmental messes, and contamination buildup with ceramic coatings and endless detailing.
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Holding certifications , our paint protection specialists can take one look at your vehicle, your lifestyle, and help determine which surface security is needed to both extend the longevity of your vehicle’s value and improve the look of it. Our ability to guarantee great results comes from the training our detailing and ceramic coating teams undergo, alongside the quality of products we are trained in.
NOTE: We do suggest that the paint be machine polished prior to a ceramic coating on our warrantied/guaranteed coatings. We may require vehicle paint correction prior to application of the coating depending on the current condition of the paint.
World Class Brands Used at Bhushan Cars
Avery Dennison
Avery Dennison vehicle wrapping films ensure faster and easier installation, and provide you with a huge range of colours and finishes. Features such as Avery Dennison® Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology make these films a more productive option when you are seeking maximum visual impact and reliable durability.
Whether you are working on fleet identification or show-stopping chrome accents, Avery Dennison gives you all of the design choices and installation performance you need.
Auto Magic
Originally known as the Auto Wax Company (AWC), Auto Magic has supplied the professional detailing industry with consistent, premium quality products for over 55 years. Auto Magic started with just a few key products and expanded over time to manufacture and distribute hundreds of professional products under many brand names, including Auto Magic®, Body Magic®, and Clay Magic®. In 2006, Auto Wax Company was purchased by Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), a Fortune 250 diversified manufacturing company with more than 90 years of history. In 2014, AWC changed the name to its best-known brand: Auto Magic. Throughout our history, we have focused on creating high quality, value-added products and innovative customer solutions.
System X Crystal
System X Crystal Ceramic Coating is a professional grade coating that lasts for up to 2 years – offering superior protection from chemical etching due to environmental impacts. Crystal imparts an outstanding gloss, and protects your paint from everyday contamination through its tough chemical resistance and release properties.
Crystal is great at adding a deep, glossy layer of protection at a lower price point. This hard self-cleaning coating eliminates the need to rewax or seal every few months.
Crystal protects your vehicle’s paint from the damaging effects of acid rain, UV rays, salt, and environmental pollutants for up to three years. The strong bond created by the ceramic coating provides excellent durability in any environment.
System X Pro
Your automobile deserves nothing but the best. That’s why owners and collectors of the finest vintage and exotic automobiles worldwide choose System X Automotive Ceramic Protection. Quite Simply, they trust System X Ceramic Coatings to consistently provide unmatched paint protection, hardness, and brilliance.
Exhibiting an extremely durable, color enhancing gloss which protects exterior surfaces including paint, metal, exhaust, stainless steel, and wheels.
System X Pro is a semi-permanent coating that actually becomes the functional surface of your vehicle’s paintwork. By creating an inseparable bond on a molecular level with your paintwork you get a coating that cannot be washed off like a or sealant.
System X Diamond Ceramic Coating
System X Diamond represents a revolutionary advance in paint protection. An exclusive, permanent ceramic coating which imparts a color enhancing gloss while protecting exterior surfaces for the Lifetime of new cars, and up to 6 years on used cars.
Like no other product, System X Diamond provides paint protection with previously unachievable levels of gloss, durability and chemical resistance.
Max G+
Hyper Gloss 9H Coating
System X MAX G+™ redefines professional-grade ceramic coatings featuring a 30% glossier finish, significantly improved gloss retention, and exceptional slickness all while protecting paintwork in the industry-proven MAX resin system.
Max G+™ is the highest-level coating offering for paint, gel coat, wraps, and PPF.
Benefits of Ceramic Coating your car
There are many benefits to having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle, including:
Environmental protection
Ceramic coatings protect your vehicle’s paint from UV damage, iron fallout, bug guts, and other environmental damage.
Ease of maintenance
Ceramic coatings repel water and dirt, making cleaning and maintaining your vehicle easier.
Enhanced gloss
Ceramic coatings DEEPLY enhance the gloss and appearance of your vehicle’s paintwork.
Ceramic coatings last for several years and do not need to be reapplied annually.
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Our Happy Customers
I’m absolutely thrilled with the PPF Ceramic coating Bhushan Cars applied to my car! The shine is incredible – it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. But more importantly, I have peace of mind knowing my paintwork is protected from scratches, swirls, and even UV rays. Bhushan Cars’ team was professional and explained the entire process clearly. Highly recommended!”

-Jital U Mehta

I’m a car enthusiast, and my vehicle is my pride and joy. So, when I heard about Bhushan Cars’ PPF Ceramic coating, I knew I had to try it. The results are simply amazing! The water beading effect is fantastic, and the paint looks incredibly smooth and protected. It’s like having an invisible shield on my car. Thanks, Bhushan Cars for the excellent service!”

- Aarthi Krishnan

I was initially hesitant about getting a ceramic coating for my car, but after reading reviews about Bhushan Cars, I decided to give it a shot. I’m so glad I did! The PPF coating has made a world of difference. My car washes are now a breeze, and the paint looks noticeably better. The best part? Bhushan Cars’ competitive pricing and friendly service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for top-notch car care.

- Abdul Rehman

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